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Start your day off right with 20 motivational quotes from dope Black people

Logan Browning- photo by DeWayne Rogers

Here’s an honest question between friends (leans in to whisper). How many times have you risen early on a Monday morning, both energized and enthusiastically determined to have an amazing start to your week. I mean, you covered all of your bases: you read your morning devotional, cooked a sensible breakfast, and even got in a quick 15-minute workout on that Bowflex that’s been collecting dust in the spare bedroom. All signs were pointing toward an amazing day; you even took a brief moment to look toward the heavens in a sign of appreciation as you backed out of your driveway filled with nothing but positive vibes.

By 11:30 a.m. though, those positive vibes had quickly dissipated.

Your day could have been derailed by any number of the common roadblocks: an annoying boss, gossipy co-workers, disobedient kids, marital strife, or angst caused by social media — which happens to be my new favorite cause for emotional turmoil (and by favorite, I mean it f—— sucks.)

Now, I would be lying to you if I didn’t confess to falling prey to many of those same roadblocks. In fact, there’s a very real part of me that hopes it doesn’t happen to me today. And therein lies the true reason that we’re currently here together, and why out of all the headlines you could have clicked, you chose this one.

We need each other.

Not only do we need to support each other as a community to make sure that we’re all operating as our best selves, but we also need the wisdom of some of our greatest leaders, who often share thoughts so inspirational that they can seep down into your core, instantly transforming your mindset about life.

I’ve collected 20 of my favorite motivational thoughts with the hopes that they can buoy your soul and kick this week off on the right foot.

I’ve broken them down by category:

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