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Georgia mom tries to drown baby for this reason (video)

Laquanda Mosley (Image source: Spalding County Sheriff’s Office)

A shocking video uploaded to social media showed a Georgia mother attempting to drown her baby. The video went viral because it was uploaded by the infant’s father who was living out of state and alarmed.

According to WSB-TV, Laquanda Mosely was upset with Kevin Dandridge, her baby’s father, over child support, and his request for custody of the child.

The video soon went viral and Dandridge stated that he posted it because “I just needed some help and I didn’t know how to locate her,” he explained.

Law enforcement was able to track the child’s mother Laquanda Mosley to a residence in Spalding County, Georgia. When they arrived at Mosley’s home, the baby was there, as well as her two other children, a  5-year-old and 7-year-old. The Georgia Department of Family and Children Services took custody of the children and Mosley was arrested. She now faces charges that include aggravated assault with intent to murder, first-degree child cruelty and terroristic threats.

The disturbing video can be viewed on page two. [Warning: extremely graphic]

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