Indiana woman tells neighbors their ‘N-word’ kid not welcome, catches a case

Indiana woman tells neighbors their 'N-word' kid not welcome, catches a case
Amy Pundt and son (Image Source: Facebook/Amy Pundt)

Moving into a family dream home turned into a racist nightmare for a family in Greentown, Indiana. On Oct. 12, 2018, Amy Howell Pundt and her family began the process of moving into their new home. According to Pundt, they took a family photo in front of the sold sign on the front lawn to remember the moment. But apparently her new neighbor had an issue with the family because they have a Black son.

According to a post on Pundt’s now private Facebook page, the family was subjected to racial harassment within 24 hours of moving into the residence. It came at the hands of Deborah Cantwell, 63, who hates Black people so much that she went into full rage mode. While the family slept that night she went into her supply of toilet paper and covered the home. Not satisfied with just committing an act of vandalism, she left a typed message on the home that read in part: “No n—-rs wanted in this neighborhood-THIS IS A WHITE NEIGHBORHOOD.”

Indiana woman tells neighbors their 'N-word' kid not welcome, catches a case
Note that Deborah Cantwell left on family’s door (Image Source: Facebook/Amy Pundt)

It was all discovered by Pundt’s husband who returned that night early from work to turn on the furnace in the home. The terrorized family called the police and felt that Cantwell was the culprit because of a prior incident that occurred while the family was in negotiations to purchase their home. Cantwell allegedly told the owner she was upset that a family with a Black son was moving into the neighborhood. According to the Kokomo Tribune, law enforcement began an investigation and questioned Cantwell about her activity. Not only did they discover racist texts sent to neighbors against the new family, but Cantwell freely admitted to harassing the family with the toilet paper and note.

Indiana woman tells neighbors their 'N-word' kid not welcome, catches a case
Deborah Cantwell, 63, confessed to terrorizing a family because they have a Black 15-year-old son (Image Source: Howard County Jail)

Because of her confession, she was charged with misdemeanor counts of intimidation and criminal mischief. Her bail was set at $80K and she was able to bond out by posting $8K when she was booked into the Howard County Jail. The court further hit her with an order prohibiting Cantrell from contacting the family. During the investigation, Cantwell did not show remorse for her actions stating that she needs to vent and intended to seek counseling.

For her part, Pundt has started the GoFundMe campaign, Raising money to fight a hate crime, to bring attention to what happened to her family and raise funds to pay for legal fees. So far the family has raised $1,718 with a goal of $5,000.

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