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Killer Mike shares why every vote should be a ‘selfish’ vote

Killer Mike shares why every vote should be a 'selfish' vote
Killer Mike (Photo credit: A.R. Shaw for Steed Media)

Killer Mike continues to be one of the most outspoken voices in hip-hop. The member of the Run the Jewels rap group often shares insightful views when it comes to race, economics and politics.

Killer Mike proved to be a key figure by traveling across the nation to stump for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders during his 2016 run for president. He was named to the transition team of Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms after she took office in 2018. He also has appeared on national TV shows and cable networks, including Fox News and CNN, and challenged political pundits on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

In addition to his music career and political activism, Killer Mike is also an entrepreneur. He owns the Swag Shop barbershop, which has three locations in Atlanta, including a space inside the State Farm Arena, home to the Atlanta Hawks.

A native of Atlanta, Killer Mike understands why this upcoming election will be one of the most important of our generation.

His message to millennials and others?

“Get out and vote,” Killer Mike said during a recent interview with rolling out. “Look in the mirror and selfishly say to yourself, ‘What do I need?’ If I need more jobs, then I’m going to vote for the person that’s bringing more jobs. Make your vote a selfish vote, and that means making sure you’re getting something out of it. Make sure that you and your community are going to prosper from the person that you are voting for. If not, then you need to find another candidate to vote for.”

The most compelling race in Georgia will be the gubernatorial race between Democrat Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp. In May 2018, Killer Mike endorsed Abrams in an Instagram post.

He shared that he will vote for the candidate who represents the best choice for his community.

“I’m behind Georgians [voting] for the best part of Georgia,” Killer Mike said. “Who’s going to make sure that fair is fair in terms of jobs, who’s going to make sure that fair is fair in terms of marijuana legislation? And I happen to be a gun guy, so who’s going to make sure that fair is fair in terms of that? For me and my community, which is Atlanta, and the 10 miles around me, I’m going to be thinking about what benefits Atlanta. But that may be different in Douglasville, Georgia. Find some commonality with the people that are closest to you. You guys can decide what’s best for your community.”

Killer Mike urges African Americans in particular to elect candidates who will respond to the needs of our communities.

“Acting politically, Blacks have supported both parties at one time,” he explained. “Prior to the 1950s, Blacks were Republicans, post-1950s, Blacks are Democrats. So no matter which way you vote, make sure that the candidate represents your best interest.”

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