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The Chevrolet Bolt EV is eco-friendly and affordable

Chevrolet Bolt EV (Photo by Cassidy S. for Steed Media)

Chevrolet is an award-winning car brand that has been deemed J.D. Power’s most dependable vehicle for the past three years. Over the past couple of years, Chevrolet has been focused on the environment, embarking on a journey to create eco-friendly vehicles.

Chevrolet allowed me the opportunity to test drive their 2019 Bolt EV Premier for the weekend. My experience was absolutely amazing. As someone who has never driven an electric car, I was a bit overwhelmed with all of the car’s features at first. After about a day of driving, I got the hang of the car and truly began to enjoy my driving experience.

The Bolt EV gets 238 on a full charge, broken down to an EPA-estimated 119 MPGe city/highway combined. When driving electric, you have to keep up with your mileage. Because this was my first experience driving an electric vehicle for an extended period of time, I was nervous that I would run out of miles. Surprisingly, I went the entire weekend without charging the vehicle. I began with 213 miles and by Monday I had 70 miles left. If you drive electric, you can invest in an at-home charging unit to save time. DC Fast Charging is available at some public charging station, and it restores up to 90 miles of range in about 30 minutes and approximately 25 mph of charge. However, charging rates vary based on the output of the charge unit, vehicle settings, and outside temperature.

Aside from the vehicle being efficient and good for the environment, it also has Government 5 star safety ratings based on the risk of crashes from the front, the side and rollover. This car has a front camera, back up camera and camera in the rearview mirror. I love these cameras because they gave me the assurance that I wouldn’t hit anything while driving.  The car offers incredible safety features like lane keep assist, forward collision alert and front pedestrian breaking. I loved experiencing these features while I drove because I knew the vehicle was working hard to ensure that I was driving as safely as possible. In case of an emergency, the Bolt EV also offers OnStar Safety and Security features such as automatic crash response, emergency services, crisis assist, roadside assistance, stolen vehicle assistance, and turn by turn navigation.

Not only is this vehicle a conscious and safe vehicle, but it is also innovative and exciting. Some of my favorite aspects of this car are the Apple CarPlay and Wi-Fi. Apple CarPlay allows you to connect through a USB cord to play music, get driving directions, and access your messages. The Wi-Fi hotspot allows you to connect to seven devices at one time and has a range of 50 feet.

The Bolt EV starts at $37,495 -$29,995 after federal tax credit. If you are someone who prioritizes the environment and loves immersive technology, the Bolt EV Premier is a smart and fun vehicle for you.

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