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Fans blame Beyoncé for Beto O’Rourke losing Texas Senate seat to Ted Cruz

Beyonce. Photo: Instagram/@beyonce

For one of the rare times in her historic and record breaking career, fans are roasting Beyoncé. Many within the Texas electorate are actually blaming Queen Bey for her last minute endorsement of Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke, D-Texas, on Tuesday. Many, therefore, blame her for his loss to incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

The Texas-born songstress urged her fans to get out and vote for O’Rourke on Election Day (Nov. 6), posting photos on Instagram of herself dressed in all black and wearing a matching “Beto for Senate” cap.

But many were quick to point out that Beyoncé’s effort was a case of too little, too late.

“You have such a huge, influential voice and you wait until Election Day to post this?!” one flummoxed fan wrote on Bey’s Instagram page. “Beto needed you sooner. Maybe you could’ve actually made a difference.”

“Lol these posts a week ago could have made the difference in young voters,” someone else added.

O’Rourke was barely beaten by Cruz in the hotly-contested race, which makes the loss more crushing. Cruz captured 50.9 percent of the vote compared to O’Rourke’s 48.3 percent, the Dallas Morning News reports.

That the pop goddess would be blamed for Cruz escaping with his political life ignores some hard facts. White men and women mostly voted for Cruz, while Black and Latino men and women rallied for O’Rourke.

According to a CNN exit poll, 60 percent of White women voted for Cruz, while their White male counterparts checked the Cruz box at a 72 percent clip.

In other words, much like Donald Trump, Cruz barely won because this is who most of the state of Texas wanted.

Those facts notwithstanding, fans believe Beyoncé could have made up the 2 percent difference that O’Rourke lost by if the “Irreplaceable” singer had chosen to endorse the Democrat a week or days earlier. Subsequently, the roasting of Beyoncé continued unabated. Check it out below:


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