Michael B. Jordan admits this about dating

Michael B. Jordan attends the European premiere of Marvel Studios’ Black Panther at the Eventim Apollo on Feb. 8, 2018, in London, England. (Photo credit: Bang Media International Famous Pictures)

Michael B. Jordan doesn’t “know what dating is.”

The 31-year-old star has admitted that while he feels like he’s wise to the world, romance isn’t something he knows much about.

Commenting on his big screen success in GQ magazine, which who chose him as one of their Men of the Year cover stars, the Creed II actor said: “My career is awesome. It is going great. There’s other places in my life that I’m f—-ing lacking at.

“I’m very mature and advanced in a lot of areas of life. Dating may not be one of ’em. My personal life is not. I don’t really know what dating is.”

However, Jordan also explained that his fame plays a big part in finding love because it makes it harder to get to know someone.

While he accepted that the options are still there, he insisted it was better to focus on his career and himself for now, rather than the “nuances of dating.”

Addressing the interviewer, he added: “But it’s like, I could meet you, right now, boom, right here. Me and you sitting here chilling, whatever. A meal, whatever. Somebody could be over there, see this. And all of a sudden, you’re my girl now.

“So then they’re going to talk about you, they’re going to find out who you are. They’re gonna find out what your Instagram is, they’re going to find us in that.

“And all the fan club and everybody else is going to find out who you are, and now you and I are forever associated with one another.

“So now, how do you go anywhere normal, chill, just getting to know somebody that you just met, that you may not — may or may not — hit it off at all? That part of dating is tough.”

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