Tamera Mowry accused of ‘cooning’ in speaking about niece’s murder

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Actress Tamera Mowry-Housley and her husband Adam Housley are trying to make sense of the senseless, random and brutal murder of their niece by a crazed gunman at a Thousand Oaks, California, bar.

But even as she tried to offer solutions and solace, she was accused of “cooning” for the cameras, for which Mowry clapped back at her critics.

Alaina Housley was with her girlfriends dancing at the popular college stomps in suburban Los Angeles when a former Marine war veteran opened fire with a semi-automatic pistol in the nightclub, killing 12 including Housley and a sheriff’s deputy.

In order to try to cope with this blinding and excruciating pain brought about by sudden, inexplicable loss, Mowry, Adam Hously and his brother Arik sat down for an interview with “CBS This Morning” regarding the death of Alaina Housley.

“I would love for this situation to be a catalyst for change. But I don’t automatically want to make it political, cause when you do that, you shut people out,” she said during the interview. “I think if we can make it about mankind, we start with ourselves. You start with decency, you start with imagining, ‘Wait a minute, what if that was my child, or my niece, or my cousin?’ It will get you in a place of just having some sort of human decency. When you focus on that, then you naturally want to start change.”

Here is the video of the interview on “CBS This Morning’s” YouTube channel:

For some reason, Mowry is receiving backlash over her comments on gun control.

Many social media users criticized Tamera over her seemingly political stance on the Thousand Oaks shooting. Instagrammer @fr33_spirit3 feels that Tamera only cares because gun violence has now directly affected her family, specifically, her husband Adam’s white family.

“The problem with America is that it doesn’t matter till it happens to us/you, then we get on cameras and soapboxes @tameramowrytwo you gotta keep that energy no matter what,” said one Instagram user. “They coming for ya neck because the current energy u and your husband have was absent during the deaths of Trayvon and Mike brown. We good.”

A second critic spoke for many when she added: “@themadblackgirl so when her husband was an anchor stating Trayvon got himself killed. She didn’t come out saying anything then. That was someone’s child. But now I supposed to care. Plus celebrities using their platform to say nothing, what she say it’s not about politics. Girl bye!”

Another user assigned Mowry the “coon” label, which prompted a quick rebuke from an indignant Mowry: “Stop cooning @tameramowrytwo and speak on the real issues!!! Stop soft stepping and beating around the bush or her death is in vain!!!” the user commented.

Tamera Mowry-Housley snapped back at the IG user, saying, “You are apart of the problem. This is the prime example I spoke about in my interview. If you have love in your heart. You don’t talk this way. You obviously missed the message. And don’t you ever judge the death of my niece.”

What do you make of this terse exchange? Was the IG user out of line for coming at Mowry like that, at this time?

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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