Camille Jackson Jones promotes a holistic approach to health

Camille Jackson Jones, certified lymphatic drainage specialist (Photo courtesy of Camille Jackson Jones)

The definitions of health, wellness and disease have changed drastically over time, most recently affected by countless new medications, new technologies and the advent of the integration of Eastern and Western medicine.

We all have images of what health and wellness or disease should look like, but is it the same for all of us and is that even possible? We are constantly reminded of outside image parameters we are expected to meet such as weight or blood pressure, but our bodies were designed for wellness from inside out. That suggests that our images of wellness should be different. We exhibit on the outside the state of our health on the inside our holistic image.

The idea of holistic health is steeped in that knowledge and thus operates from an individualized assessment of the cause of disease. Western medicine focuses on symptoms, but symptoms are only exhibitions of your holistic image. What does your holistic image say about how healthy you are?

Does your skin say you’re dehydrated, or do your migraines indicate that you have sinus inflammation? The body is one unit made of energy that never functions as compartmentalized pieces. It desires to be balanced and is controlled by the energy frequency in the head. If you have inflammation or chaos in the head, you have illness and disease in the body. In order to improve your holistic image, you must understand how the body works.

We are energy. All living things exist via vibrational energies. That is the reason we are affected by the weather, sounds and colors and why we shock each other after we walk on carpet. Our energy needs to remain balanced in order for us to get and stay well. Our lymphatic systems are the answer to that balance.

The lymphatic system runs along our veins and capillaries pulling toxins from the blood, enabling the cells to turn over and heal the body. When the lymphatic system cannot detox, the body becomes inflamed and we are ill. When the lymphatic system is fully functioning, it stays in a constant state of detox, keeping the body alkaline balanced. Like the rest of the body, the lymph system is energy. In order to heal energy, we must use that same energy.

As a lymphatic drainage specialist, I use energy modalities to clean and rest the lymphatic system using cold laser and microcurrent with a Jade machine. I started CEJ Images in 2009 as another arm of Your Body By Design & Medispa. The lymphatic drainage was initially very popular for aesthetic skin tightening, facial rejuvenation, cellulite control and hair restoration.

In 2011 when my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, I realized how crucial and deadly inflammation is in the body and how easily it can affect the sequence of illness. Inflammation is the cause of all diseases. In fact, it is the only disease. The body cannot process or turn over if it is inflamed. The body’s natural healing process is to send fluid to areas of the body to heal followed by a removal of that fluid by the lymph system through the urine, hence the importance of drinking water. If the lymphatic channels are toxic and cannot remove the fluid, the body stays inflamed, and that inflammation eventually becomes scar tissue. Arthritis is fluid (inflammation) or scar tissue in the joints, fibromyalgia is inflammation of the nerves, acne is inflammation in the pores, allergies are inflammation in the sinuses, and so on.

The modalities I use painlessly open the lymphatic channels with cold laser and microcurrent, the same frequencies that our neurotransmitters are and allow the lymphs to do their job. Many people ask me, “What conditions can I use lymphatic drainage for?” I have yet to find any I cannot detox. Conditions that have seen relief from lymphatic drainage range from sinus problems and wrinkles to sciatica and cancer and everything in between.

My goal for all of my clients is not only to relieve them of their symptoms but to teach them how to maintain a detoxed, balanced, holistic image after they see me. If the cells are still breathing, they can be detoxed and reset. I travel throughout the United States and abroad teaching people how to connect the dots in their wellness journey. Complete wellness is the perfect holistic image and it is attainable for everyone. Start your wellness journey today.

—camille jackson jones

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