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Toni Braxton loses her expensive engagment ring

Toni Braxton (Photo source: [email protected])

Toni Braxton’s engagement ring is missing. The “He Wasn’t Man Enough” hitmaker is lamenting the loss of her jewelry after she left her Louis Vuitton train case on her flight from New York City to Los Angeles. And while she has had the case returned, her jewelry — including the ring — is missing from the

She wrote on Twitter: “Hey everyone, @delta located my LV Train Case! Yay! Unfortunately, most of my jewelry items are missing…including MY ENGAGEMENT RING! Whoever BORROWED it…PLEEEASE return it!!!! I promise, no questions asked! (sic)”

Braxton had previously taken to Twitter to ask for help in finding the bag. She wrote at the time: “Hey @Delta I left my LV train case on my flight from JFK to LAX on Tuesday. It’s been impossible to get any type of assistance from anyone in the company! Can someone let delta know I’m trying to get in contact w/them? I’ve tried to no avail…pls help you’re my favorite airlines (sic)”

Meanwhile, Birdman has described his fiancée Toni as his “life.” Birdman, whose real name is Bryan Christopher Williams, said: “T, that’s my girl, my friend, my family. That’s my love, my soldier, my life. She’s my everything. She’s my life. I love her to death … For me, it was just hard to accept love from them. I think Miss E, Miss Evelyn [Toni’s mother], she’s an angel. She did a great job with all her girls. For me, just growing up in the streets, not having the word love, it was hard for me to accept them loving me and appreciating the love that I brought to the table.”