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Chief Keef admits having 9 kids with 9 mothers, and they all demand something

Rapper Chief Keef. Photo: Instagram/@chiefkeefsossa

When one of Chief Keef’s baby mamas demanded that the rapper be thrown in jail this past week for failure to satisfy his child support requirements, the Chicago-based rapper had to make a couple of surprising admissions to the court to explain his precarious predicament.

Keef told the judge, according to TMZ, he has more than just the five children with five baby mothers that he’s already revealed to the courts. He now admits he has four more more children under the age of 5 that he had been keeping secret. And these additional four children all have different mothers who are also seeking child support.

For those of us who are mathematically challenged, that brings Chief Keef’s offspring total to nine children with nine baby mamas.

Chief Keef, who also goes by the alias “Sosa,” was already ordered to pay each of the first five woman $564 per month, starting in January.

According to the entertainment publication, Keef, who was born Keith Farrelle Cozart, now adds 3-year-old Kamiah, 1-year-old Khalo and 4-year-olds Khalil and Kirsten into the mix.

Keef, by the way, is just 23 years old and he already has nine children. He began the process of reproducing at 16 and has been going at a feverish pace ever since.

There is another problem that Keef has. Chief is not “balling out” like many of his fans and colleagues have been led to believe. He is only making roughly $9k a month, which is a very nice total for the average person with no children or a couple of kids. The problem is that Keef is also listing that he has about $9k in monthly expenses.

Popular culture can only assume that the judge and Keef’s inner circle will drive home the concepts of “budgeting” and “contraception” moving forward.