White teenager threatens to sell Black female students into slavery

White teenager threatens to sell Black female students into slavery
Photo via Facebook – Imani Wortham

A White teenager received a slap on the wrist after threatening to sell two Black girls into slavery. The incident occurred at the Horizon Christian School in Indianapolis, according to WRTV.

Imani Wortham and LaShanti Duncan were both being bullied so relentlessly that they did not want to attend school. They eventually told their parents about a White male who student who would constantly harass them with threats of violence and racial slurs.

The male student, who has yet to be identified by name, told the girls they would be the first to get shot if a mass shooting occurred at the school. He also said that he would sell them into slavery if they did not follow his commands. The male student sang racial jingles about slavery that were aimed at the Black girls.

The parents of Imani and LaShanti told school administrators about the incident and the school basically gave the White male student a slap on the wrist. By threatening an act of violence, the male student could have faced expulsion.

However, he has returned to the school and Imani and LaShanti are both uncomfortable with his presence at the school, according to a report by WRTV.

Officials at Horizon Christian School have yet to reveal if the male student will be punished any further.

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