Wendy Williams apologizes to her fans

Wendy Williams apologizes to her fans
Wendy Williams (Picture by Janet Mayer / Splash News)

Wendy Williams has addressed the “genuine concern” for her health after struggling through her daytime talk show in pain.

The 54-year-old star has apologized to her viewers for the “less than stellar” episode of “The Wendy Williams Show” on Thursday, Dec. 20, 2018, admitting she went “against” her “better judgment” going ahead and filming the program while she is still struggling with the hairline fracture in her right shoulder.

In a lengthy message to her Instagram followers, Wendy – who suffers with an overactive thyroid and autoimmune disease Graves — wrote: “To My WendyWatchers,

“I sincerely apologize if you feel that today’s show was less than stellar. I’m on your TV screens every day wanting to spread laughter, entertainment, and cheer. “As I reported earlier in the week, I have a hairline fracture on my upper arm, which hurts like hell.

“I’ve never broken a bone or experienced a fracture in my life. In the key place where the fracture is, and trying to scurry around and do too much, I am now paying the price. I’ve never taken pain medication in my life (except when I got snatched over 20 years ago) until this week. I did that to power through and try to deliver a great show for you, against the better judgment of the many people around me who genuinely care for my well-being.

“I really do ride or die for my craft and give 200%. Not to mention everyone is aware at this point about my thyroid condition (don’t cry for me Argentina).

“For all my fellow thyroid sufferers, you know what the deal is. And for those that don’t: I encourage you to please read up.

“Needless to say, whatever today’s performance was with the legendary The Lox, who said such nice things, I have no regrets and I appreciate everyone’s genuine concern for my wellness and care.”

Vowing to get some much-needed rest, she concluded: “I promise you a better Wendy in 2019. I will get some much-needed rest and healing over these next couple of weeks. (Yes I am definitely juicing over the next couple of weeks). Sorry again. I love you all. Happy Holidays! [sic]”

The talk-show host appeared on her show on Tuesday, Dec 18, 2018, with her arm in a sling which was hidden underneath a pink sweater, as she told viewers she had been injured during an accident over the weekend which has left her needing to heal.

The presenter’s recent injury comes after she was forced to take a three-week break from her talk show in October last year when she collapsed live on air due to complications with her thyroid and Graves.

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