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Offset’s mistress Summer Bunni takes back apology and blasts Cardi B instead

Cardi B and Offset. (Photo source: Instagram–@offsetyrn)

The woman at the center of the sensational sex scandal involving Offset has suddenly taken back the heartfelt apology she gave Cardi B. and is blasting Cardi instead.

Instagram model Summer Bunni had previously given a tear-filled apology to Cardi after her text messages with Offset leaked showing that he was setting up a threesome with her and Texas-based rapper Cuban Doll. Summer admitted that she did have sexual relations with the Migos rapper, and she offered what then seemed like a bona fide mea culpa for her role in breaking up the power couple’s marriage.

Here is a recap of Bunni’s seemingly sincere apology that she gave TMZ at the time, which they posted on their YouTube page:

Since then, Summer has performed a 180-degree turn by taking back her apology to the “Bodak Yellow” rapper. Summer Bunni was a guest this week on Power 106 L.A.’s “The Cruz Show” and instead of elaborating on how she did Cardi wrong, Summer Bunni went off on Cardi instead.

“I just want to set the record straight about the apology video,” said Summer. “At this time, I really just take the apology back. It sucks…It’s not fair to me. I just feel like the whole world is against me. I’m so strong. I’m so sorry I’m breaking down.”

Summer has also addressed the alleged block from Cardi on her Instagram story.

“People making phone calls, ‘Don’t let it drop! If you let it drop, I’mma drop you!” Bunni claims someone said behind the scenes. “B—- it’s hella tea in the interview and that’s why it’s not out yet. Making b—–s hella pressed, pressed.”

In the aftermath of the triangulation sexual crossfire, Cardi recently posted this blunt message on her IG account, saying “B—- sit down before I sit you.”

Summer must have been watching Cardi’s every word because, right after that post, Summer posted a photo of herself sitting in a car captioned, “Sitting but on my way to your n—-.”

Worse, Summer had the audacity to actually dole out marital advice to Cardi, saying the “Bartier Cardi” rapper should take Offset back.

Toward the end of this YouTube interview, Summer Bunni’s male friend said “F— Cardi,” to which Summer laughed hysterically while they climbed into an SUV. Take a look:

What do you make of Summer Bunni singing a different tune today? Do you believe that Summer is loving the attention she is getting and is now trying to capitalize on it?