Reflections on safe places for 2019

Reflections on safe places for 2019
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On this last Sunday of 2018, take the time to reflect on the many twists and turns we found ourselves in that caused us much discouragement. At the end of each year, we declare we are leaving the people behind who hurt us and discarding everything that brings us pain and no longer serves us.

Did you know that inwardly, our Source uses the pain in our hearts to help us find safe places to heal? Peace, healing and refuge are all things we need in order to forgive, to keep going and to be free. So. it’s not a matter of leaving people behind. You can’t discard of anyone if you’re not totally free. The emotional and physical challenges you experience represent the changing seasons in life that all of us find ourselves in.

As the year winds down, circumstances that were most discouraging tend to float right to the top of your memory and hang around for a while. With honest introspection, you will learn you are resilient, and you will make it past the pain with tremendous strength.

Reflections, not resolutions, force us to review our thoughts and our actions and make improvements. When we feel safe, we are more comfortable dismantling the wall we built around ourselves. We are ready to be open and acceptable of our faults. We can disrupt our own progression when we fail to affirm and accept our own shortcomings, mistakes and failures.  Safe places help us to reprove ourselves without help from others.

Find a “safe place” to reflect, get the year behind you, realign and focus. The goal of a new year’s resolution is to stop doing the thing you have always done. The power to evolve happens thoughtfully, with time, and with lots of self-work.

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