H-Town’s Lil’ Flip shows off his custom-painted sneaker collection

Lil’ Flip (left to right), Jeezy and King Shermo on set sporting Air Jordans and Nike Air Force 1s (Photo courtesy of Lil’ Flip)

You can’t mention H-Town hip-hop legendary names and leave out the Cloverland-born rap artist who helped move the Houston sound all over the world.

Not only has rapper Lil’ Flip’s name been a staple in the Houston music industry for years, but he also is no stranger to the marriage between sneaker culture and hip-hop.

“There was a store in my neighborhood called Active Athlete, and that’s where I would get all my shoes,” Lil’ Flip said. “I used to get sample [Air] Jordans three to six months early before they came out thanks to [owner] Paul [Seernani].”

“My first (most memorable) sneaker purchase was some Red Octobers and my vintage Rocafella Air Force 1s, but my most expensive sneaker purchase was a pair of Marty McFlys from the Back To The Future movie.”

Lil’ Flip has even donated sneakers to others as part of his work in the community. “It’s a kid in Colorado Springs who got stabbed and bullied over his feet disabilities, and his name is Kyler. We sent him plenty [of] shoes, and I had Fat Joe and Speakeasy Vape Lounge get involved” he recalled. “I’m always doing charity work. I just don’t broadcast it.”

Currently, Lil’ Flip customizes and designs shoes, which are available in the Lil’ Flip collection at Houston sneaker store Screwston Sole.

Check out some of his custom-painted sneaker designs below.

— rocky rockett

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