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Krystal Lee promotes faith and fashion with her Girl + God T-shirt brand

Krystal Lee (Photo credit: David Mahone)

Name: Krystal Lee

City: Atlanta

Profession:  Media personality and entrepreneur

Favorite quote: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

As a radio host, entrepreneur and fashion enthusiast, describe who Krystal Lee is in five words.  

Passionate, motivating, creative, resilient and determined.

As the co-host of Praise 102.5’s “The Willie Moore Jr. Show,” what is it like going on air every week with your “Top 3” radio segment?

I’ve been doing radio for almost 12 years, and it’s still a dream come true. “The Willie Moore Jr. Show” is my favorite opportunity. I did hip-hop radio until the year 2015. That year is when I became a part of this show. We have so much fun talking about God and encouraging people every single day. The show is lit.

Briefly tell us what was your journey to get to where you are now?

I moved to Atlanta at the age of 17 to attend Clark Atlanta University.  I started out in the music business at record labels and was offered the opportunity to intern on the “Ryan Cameron Show,” which sparked my love for radio. From there, I had amazing opportunities with TMZ, Cartoon Network, and more. Eventually, I was hired to be a personality on Hot 107.9, and in June of 2015, I was on the Birthday Bash stage in front of 20,000 people. Later that year, I was on stage in front of 20,000 people at Praise in the Park. Crazy. God wanted me to be on the gospel station to reach a generation of women who needed to know you can love God and still be yourself.

Is there ever a struggle with balancing your personal brand, being a radio host, having a personal life and staying true to you? If so, how do you manage?

Balance is always a struggle, but boundaries are necessary. I make sure that I prioritize, and now I’m learning how to let people help me which is not easy. No matter what, I always stay true to my vision with all my brands because I represent God no matter what I’m doing.

We absolutely love your brand, Girl + God. You are an entrepreneur’s inspiration. Tell us where Girl + God came from. Is there a message behind it?

Girl + God is a community for women who love God. We started as a T-shirt brand, and now we have grown to over 50,000 supporters. Girl + God represents women who are passionate about their relationship with God, no matter where you are in that relationship.

Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs? 

Entrepreneurship is not easy, and it’s not for everybody. Don’t wait around for all the resources to get started. Do something every single day to get you closer to your goal.

What is next for Krystal Lee? 

Making Girl + God a household name along with growing my other businesses. More media opportunities, a husband and kids. Amen.

To learn more about Krystal Lee, visit her website,, check out her Girl + God line at, and follow her on Instagram.