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In a historic 1st, male cheerleaders will perform at the Super Bowl

Napoleon Jinnies (left) and Quinton Peron (Images: Instagram – @napoleonjinnies, @itsaquintonthing)

For the first time in modern sports history, men will perform as cheerleaders at the Super Bowl.

Not to be confused with stuntmen, who are part of the cheerleading squad, these men will perform all the same moves as their female counterparts.

Performing for the Los Angeles Rams will be Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies, who were named as cheerleaders for the team in 2018. Both are from California and are classically trained dancers who will now break gender stereotypes in Atlanta.

This week, the pair confirmed their spot at the Super Bowl on Twitter and posted updates to fans.

Not surprisingly, there has been a mixed reaction on social media. Here’s a sampling of what football fans and critics are saying about male cheerleaders at Super Bowl: