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Why Cardi B and Offset are back together

Photo source: Instagram – @cardib

As many pop culture watchers had anticipated, rap empress Cardi B has gotten back together with her estranged husband, hip-hop star Offset, thus re-establishing themselves as a bonafide entertainment power couple.

The Bronx, New York-bred beauty, born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, 26, is reportedly returning to the Atlanta-area home she shares with Offset. Cardi B bolted for the hills due to Offset’s incessant cheating. According to what the sources divulged to TMZ, this will mark the first time she’s returned home for an extended stay with both Offset and their daughter Kulture since December. That was when she sounded the trumpet on her exit from the household via an Instagram video explaining to her 41M followers why she was leaving.

Friends and followers of Cardi and Offset, 27, are not surprised that they are back together. They have hinted at a reunion in the past several weeks.

As rolling out reported, Offset visited Cardi while she was performing in Puerto Rico. Also, Cardi posted a very graphic video on Instagram describing in vulgar detail what she missed most about being away from Offset, which included his first-class sex game. And, most conspicuously, Cardi got on Instagram to tell her fans last week, “I wanna go home.”

There were several stipulations that Offset had to adhere to before Cardi signed off on the official reconciliation, TMZ has learned.

One of the changes that Offset, born Kiari Kendrell Cephus, had to make was to get a totally different phone number in order to demonstrate that he’s trying to do right by Cardi. TMZ reports the new number is just for Cardi and business calls.

Most importantly, Offset has a “no group rule” while Offset performs in Atlanta during Super Bowl festivities this weekend. And the entertainment publication added that Offset will not even allow any female within proximity of him.