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Entertainment » Duane Martin slams Tisha Campbell Martin’s lack of education and parenting

Duane Martin slams Tisha Campbell Martin’s lack of education and parenting

Photo Credit: Tisha Campbell-Martin’s Instagram (@tishacampbellmartin)

Tisha Campbell-Martin’s husband, Duane Martin, has finally broken his silence and answered her highly-inflammatory and possibly career-killing charges of spousal violence. The abuse allegations  of abuse claim to have spanned their entire marriage of 20 years.

In newly filed court documents in his custody battle that was obtained by The Blast, Martin, 53, makes a vague reference to the explosive abuse allegations Campbell-Martin, 50, made last month about how he put hands on her throughout their marriage.

In the legal documents, Duane rips Campbell-Martin’s skills as a parent. He claims their kids don’t do their homework when they’re with her. He insists it’s a different story when they’re with him because, “I am a graduate of New York University. Schooling was very important to me.”

Duane Martin says his estranged wife did not graduate from any university and has no educational background.

Martin is seeking to establish a custody schedule that he believes would work best for the couple’s children in regard to their education.

The filing comes just days after Campbell-Martin came forward with allegations of domestic abuse against Martin, but he makes no direct mention of those charges.

However, Martin did say that Campbell-Martin has used the media to try her case and subsequently “caused a number of defamatory articles to be posted about me in the last few months.” According to, “defamatory” also means “slanderous or libelous” and “damaging the good reputation of someone.”

Martin is very concerned that the couple’s two children will read these articles and wants the court to muffle Campbell-Martin and prevent her “from causing any future articles to be posted.”

Martin also requests the courts prevent any other parties to accompany them into future court proceedings to prevent leaks.

Surprisingly, Martin claims that he has laid eyes on Campbell-Martin three times since they separated. He claims on the third meeting, Tisha Campbell-Martin had a bodyguard at the meeting.

“I do not know how [Campbell-Martin] explained that person to our child, or why that person was necessary,” Duane Martin said in the documents, according to The Blast.