KD Bowe: Using his voice to entertain, inspire and motivate the masses

KD Bowe: Using his voice to entertain, inspire and motivate the masses
KD Bowe (Photo credit: Torian Priestly for Steed Media)

Legendary broadcaster KD Bowe has one of the most distinctive and recognizable voices ever to hit the airwaves. The popular on-air personality hosts the “The KD Bowe Show” in the 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. time slot on Radio One’s WPZE Praise 102.5, “Atlanta’s Inspiration Station.”

Bowe is also the owner of KDB Productions, a voice-over services production company, and has been the signature voice for hundreds of brands, including Bishop T.D. Jakes, Paul Morton, The Word Network, Sony and The Coca-Cola Company. His golden pipes and personality helped earn him the designation as the in-stadium announcer for the Atlanta Falcons.

For the past 20 years, Bowe has served as a “motivator to the masses,” sharing his personal insights, practical advice and principle-centered approach to the issues facing individuals, families, communities and especially other Black men. He is the founder and executive director of ManUP! Community Inc., a program designed to equip men with the tools that will help them heal their past hurts, transform their lives, increase their productivity and ultimately forge a band of brothers who unconditionally support and uplift each another.

Describe the moment you fell in love with the city of Atlanta.

I got here in ’94 from North Carolina — the country. I loved Atlanta because it offered many opportunities. … I interned at a place called Omni Productions, and I became worldwide.

Atlanta is often referred to as a Black mecca. What about Atlanta makes it a Black mecca?

The opportunities. When I came here, the unemployment rate was extremely low. Everybody had a job. Everybody was doing good. Everybody was eating. Now since ’94, you have all these people, all these opportunities, like movies that are being made here, businesses [and] CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. But it is the Black mecca because, if you are a Black person and you come to Atlanta and you’re serious about eating, working [and] dominating, then you will do just that.

How does Atlanta support and encourage Black entrepreneurs

When you get to Atlanta, if you’re not at the bottom then, at best, you’re in the middle. The community makes you get better, and it encourages you to work hard a perfect your craft.

What cultural assets attracted you to Atlanta and contribute to its reputation around the world as a Black mecca?

The cultural part that attracted me to Atlanta was the entertainment side, particularly radio. One of my mentors had a production company, and I was just so wowed by that. Atlanta is the place where, if you want to do great production, this is where you want to be. And, for me, it’s production, but for others, it may be entertainment.

If someone is visiting Atlanta for the first time, what would you encourage them to experience?  

If you’re visiting Atlanta for the first time, anywhere you go, the first thing that is going to hit you in your chest is the cultural diversity. Black people are winning here, and they’re doing pretty well.

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