Morehouse Healthcare creates better outcomes for underserved communities

Morehouse Healthcare creates better outcomes for underserved communities
Photo courtesy of Morehouse Healthcare

Morehouse Healthcare in Atlanta is a multi-specialty medical practice and one of Georgia’s premier primary care facilities.

Founded in 1985, it began as Morehouse Medical Associates Inc. but later changed its name to Morehouse Healthcare. With more than 100 full-time practicing physicians who also serve on the clinical faculty at the prestigious Morehouse School of Medicine, Morehouse Healthcare is community-focused in its mission and operates under the motto “Compassionate Care. Innovative Medicine.

Morehouse Healthcare is a primary source of wellness, healthy living and preventive health education for diverse populations throughout Georgia and the nation. As one of the state’s largest physician groups, it provides assistance to almost every major hospital and clinic in Atlanta. By offering a full range of treatment options, Morehouse Healthcare seeks to maximize the scope of care it provides to the city’s underserved populations and communities.

“Too often, African Americans and other minorities are not included in medical research and trials,” said Dr. David Levine, a pediatrician at Morehouse Healthcare. “Since medications work differently in different genetic pools, we may not fully understand how a specific drug will interact with certain genetic makeups.”

Morehouse Healthcare uses evidence-based, patient-centered processes that encourage patients to actively participate in their healthcare rather than simply rely on treatment after diagnosis. Physicians encourage their patients to take proactive measures — such as getting vaccinated — to help prevent contracting illnesses such as influenza.

“By getting a flu shot now, you not only protect yourself, but also your family, friends and everyone around you this winter,” Levine explains.

“Children are regularly in close contact with others and may not be the best at washing their hands, covering their sneezes and doing other things to stop the spread of the flu virus,” he added. “The flu can have serious consequences in children and is more likely to be fatal in younger patients. Take your kids with you to get a flu shot. It’s quick and easy and is usually free through your insurance.”

By leveraging data from advanced research projects, scientists at Morehouse Healthcare have been able to develop a range of innovative tools, including mobile clinical research units, to increase access to health care. As a result, patients are seeing their overall health and overall well-being improve dramatically.

Additionally, Morehouse Healthcare is making great strides in its work to improve the early detection and prevention of HIV and AIDS. As a result, patients who have received a positive diagnosis are successfully able to manage their health, while those who are not infected are less likely to contract either disease from an infected partner.

According to Dr. David Malebranche, an internist and HIV specialist at Morehouse Healthcare, one drug, in particular, can be a game-changer.

“PrEP, or Pre-exposure Prophylaxis, is a combination of two prescription drugs taken by an HIV-negative person on a daily basis. Having PrEP in your bloodstream can actually stop HIV from infecting you and spreading throughout your body,” he explained.

To learn more about Morehouse Healthcare, click here.

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