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Waka Flocka blames Blacks for Prada and Gucci’s disrespectful blackface

Waka Flocka with wife Tammy Rivera

Rapper and reality star Waka Flocka dives deeper into the depths of the righteous indignation Blacks feel about the Prada and Gucci blackface scandal erupting this past week.

Keep in mind, the Atlanta-based MC is well aware that older white people, at the highest levels of these clothing companies, are signing off on and endorsing the grotesque assortment of blackface fashion lines that have horrified and outraged Black Americans.

However, Waka put the majority of the culpability at the feet of the consumer — African Americans — who consistently ignoring up-and-coming and high-end Black fashion designers and proprietors in favor of rocking Gucci and Prada brand name apparel.

Flocka took to Instagram Story this weekend and kicked science on why Blacks need to support the beautiful fashions within our own community.

Flip the page to hear his take on the matter (NOTE: NSFW):

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