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Singer Joy Villa dresses as a Mexican border wall for Grammys; Twitter speaks

Joy Villa attends THE 61ST ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARDS, broadcast live from the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, Sunday, Feb. 10 on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Francis Specker/CBS ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Most people don’t know and have never heard of alternative rock singer Joy Villa. In fact, most Americans never hear of her, save for once a year on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards. And during music’s biggest night of the year, the singer once again did not offer any music, but made another political statement.

The self-proclaimed feminist and right-wing Donald Trump supporter, who wore a “Choose Life” gown to last year’s show — replete with a rainbow painting of a fetus on it — walked the red carpet this past Sunday in a “Build the Wall” dress.

Villa was dressed as Lady Liberty in a silver off-the-shoulder look and crown.

Once she got settled on the red carpet, she pretentiously removed the outer layer and revealed a white dress with a brick wall motif painted on it and “Build the Wall” in red graffiti on the back. The outfit was completed with wrapped wire around her shoulders to look like barbed wire and carried a bright red “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) bag.

Villa’s presence mystified many music fans because she was not nominated for any music and was not invited to perform onstage. So the red carpet represented the beginning and end of her official Grammy activities. It left folks wondering how she keeps getting invited back every year.

After she exited the carpet, Villa took to Instagram to share her motivation for the outfit.

“I don’t listen to haters. I listen to truth,” she wrote in the caption. “Building the wall will cut down crime, protect children from being trafficked and stop the 1 in 3 women from being sexually assaulted tying [sic] to get through illegally. It’s a humanitarian crisis. I support life. I support protection. I SUPPORT THE WALL!”

She added on another IG post that she does not “care what anyone thinks.”

Villa took pains to identify the dress as being made by Desi Designs Couture. But the company quickly offered a disclaimer on Instagram, writing that the “views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by my clients are not necessarily the same as my views, thoughts, and opinions.”

Last year, Villa, who gave up a child for adoption, made a pro-life statement with her gown. The year before that, she wore a form-fitting blue MAGA gown.

Pop culture, based on the responses on social media, is already tired of the woman that they don’t really know, but whom they refer to as very “thirsty” and a classic “clout chaser.”