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R. Kelly done: CNN views sex tape of a girl claiming to be 14

Photo credit: Jamie Lamor Thompson/

This morning, rolling out reported on the bombshell news that another sex tape has emerged of singer R. Kelly with an underage girl. Attorney Michael Avenatti posted to Twitter that he was in possession of the tape and that it had been turned over to law enforcement. CNN is now confirming that the tape does in fact exist and it has been viewed by members of the editorial staff of CNN.

According to the outlet, the tape is 45 minutes and 45 seconds long and clearly show R. Kelly, including a distinctive mole on his back. The tape is reportedly graphic and disturbing. CNN says both Kelly and the girl refer to her as “14-year-old p—y” at least six times, and the unidentified girl even calls him “daddy” during multiple sexual acts.  Perhaps the most damning action that points to the person on the tape being identified as Kelly is that the man urinates on the girl, as was done in the infamous 2002 video that swept the media. That video led to the singer being arrested and charged with child pornography. He was acquitted in 2008 and later settled the matter out of court with the alleged victim. The victim at the time was 13 years -old, but because of the quality of the film and evidence collection errors, it was disputed that the man in the film was Kelly.

In 2017, Kelly was accused of holding a group of women against their will in what was called a sex cult. The parents of one of the women, Jocelyn Savage, felt that their daughter had been kidnapped and requested aid from the police. However, Savage maintained that she was an adult and was with Kelly of her own free will, a sentiment allegedly shared by the other women involved. Soon, the activist movement #MuteRKelly emerged and the protests by Black feminists and others led to the cancellation of concerts and negative publicity. In January 2019, Lifetime released the docuseries  “Surviving R. Kelly,” which led to him being banned from performing in the city of Philadelphia and further career turmoil.

After the series aired, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx urged potential victims or witnesses to speak to police. Rolling out reached out to Foxx’s office but has not received a reply to inquiries about the prosecutor’s next step now that her office has the new tape.

Kelly’s attorney stated to CNN that the singer, “has done nothing wrong … Someone with an agenda has done a hit piece. [Kelly’s] out in public. He’s not hiding. There’s no secret compound with sex slaves.”

Tandra R. Simonton, chief communications officer for the Illinois State’s Attorney’s Office said: “We cannot confirm or deny an investigation.”

Now for Kelly, who famously sang “Age ain’t nothing but a number” there is a distinct possibility that a jail cell will be nothing but a room if this new video leads to his arrest and conviction.