Russell Wilson shares a heartfelt video about why he loves Ciara

Russell Wilson shares a heartfelt video about why he loves Ciara
Arrival at Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards 2015 – Red Carpet
Jul 16 2015 – UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion – Westwood, California United States (Picture by: @Parisa Splash News)

It’s Valentine’s Day, the day of love. NFL quarterback Russell Wilson started the holiday off by sharing a heartfelt video of all the reasons he loves his wife Ciara. Wilson decided to take part in the current social media hashtag challenge #greatestlove.

Laying down on the couch he shared three reasons why Ciara is his #greatestlove. He said, “Baby you are my greatest love for several reasons. I think first of all you inspire me. The way that you care for others, the way you make the world a better place, how dedicated you are to being great, truly inspires me.

“I think second of all, the mother that you are and the way you take care of our children.”

He continued, “I think third of all you make me a better man.  You challenge my faith and increase my faith. In the Bible, it says ‘When a man finds a wife, he finds a good thing,’ and I found a good thing in you.”

He lists his fourth reason, “You’re the sexiest woman on the planet, bad to the bone. I’m glad to be your husband and take care of you, provide for you.”

Wilson ends the video saying, “And yes I will fix your wig and yes I will do whatever you say. I love you and you are my greatest love.”

People loved his open expression of love on the day before Valentine’s Day and decided to give him some praise in the comments.

One person said, “I love how you guys love on each other.”

Another said, “Yeeeees!!! Say that Russ…that dude that messed up allowed you to be a blessed man!! This is beautiful, I wish y’all well!!”

You can watch the full video of Russell Wilson’s #greatestlove challenge below.

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