14-year-old girl will spend decades in prison for killing her best friend

Nyla Lightfoot: photo via Nylah Lightfoot Instagram (@llnylahlightfoot)

A 14-year-old girl will spend over two decades of her life in prison after being convicted of killing her best friend, Nylah Lightfoot, 14. The incident occurred in May 2018 at the Centra Villas apartment complex in Fort Worth, Texas where a group of teenage girls gathered for a pool party and games, according to the Star-Telegram. 

The convicted teenager and Lightfoot, who were once friends, began arguing. She testified that Lightfoot was upset because she did not want to spend the night at her home. At some point, the argument escalated and the two girls got into a physical altercation. The convicted teen reportedly grabbed a kitchen knife from her apartment and went back outside where she approached Lightfoot while holding the weapon. Their friend attempted to stop the teen from using the knife, but she swung the weapon, causing the other friend to back off in fear.

The convicted teen stabbed Lightfoot in her neck and chest. After being rushed to the hospital, she was pronounced dead.

The father of the convicted teen took her to the police station where she confessed to the crime. During the trial, the teen, who faced up to 40 years in prison, apologized for actions.

However, the judge decided to sentence the girl to 25 years in prison. She will serve her first four years in a juvenile facilities and will be transferred to an adult facility at 19.

The teen will be close to 40-years-old when she’s eligible for parole.




A.R. Shaw
A.R. Shaw

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