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3-year-old Black history scholar Serenity Sadié knows her stuff (video)

Serenity Sadié (Photo source: Instagram – @princessserenitysays)

While some 3-year-olds are saying goodbye to their “terrible twos” and learning how to say their names and how old they are, one toddler is going above and beyond to learn about her heritage.

Serenity Sadié is an adorable tot who loves to learn. Serenity’s mother Miriam Moore shares videos on Instagram of the lessons she has been teaching her daughter, including how to recognize the letters of the alphabet, identify different sounds and count to 100.

Another lesson that Moore instills in her daughter is the importance of knowing about Black history and the accomplishments of Black people, not only during the month of February but year-round.

Last year during Black History Month, Serenity’s mother tasked her then 2-year-old with learning the names of 15 influential leaders. The child diligently worked to learn about iconic Black leaders like civil rights legend  Martin Luther King Jr., former President Barak Obama, jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall and others.

Now, at 3 years old, Serenity took her Black history lesson a step further by learning about seven impactful African American women who made a difference.

Reny, as she’s affectionately known, shared a video of the lessons she learned and quoted each of these historic women. Click the next page to see the video of her impressive feat.

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