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I.O. Beauty Market provides toxin-free products to boost your skin care regimen

Photo courtesy of Dixie Lincoln-Nichols

I.O. Beauty Market is a Black-owned lifestyle and beauty marketplace that provides all-natural and toxin-free products for women. Founder Dixie Lincoln-Nichols is a certified health and wellness coach with a simple yet highly effective product initiative: S.A.G.E. (Safe, Authentic, Gorgeous and Eco-friendly).

“I truly believe that beauty begins within,” Lincoln-Nichols says. “The wellness journey isn’t always easy. Be patient with your process. Ease in the good for you and ease out the bad for you. Small actions lead to big results.”

Rolling out spoke with Lincoln-Nichols to discuss I.O. Beauty Market, health and wellness and the importance of choosing toxin-free products.

Photo courtesy of Dixie Lincoln-Nichols

What led you to create and open your business I.O. Beauty Market?

I had a small bath and body product business prior to I. O. Beauty Market. I formulated my recipes and then took them to a lab to tweak for manufacturing. Against my better judgment, I allowed a few changes to the ingredient pack on the lotion and body wash. One day my uncle said to me, “I love your body wash. It’s the only thing that doesn’t make me sweat.” I said, “What, you’re not sweating? That’s not good.”

It was in that moment that I made the decision to take a deeper look into the ingredients in my product and other products I was using. I decided to reinvent the brand and offer toxicant-free products and I. O. Beauty Market was born. The name came from the Inside Outer Beauty blog, which I created as a resource for my coaching clients.

Why was it important for you to create products that were free of toxins?

We all deserve to know what’s in our products so that we can make informed purchasing decisions. The world is filled with toxicants and we cannot avoid everything. However, we do have control over what goes in and on our bodies.

As a Black woman, what’s even more disturbing is that Black women are the largest cosmetic consumers in the USA but are being marketed products with the most harmful ingredients. The good news is that indie brands, including Black-owned, are stepping up to the challenge and bringing safer and healthier products to market. The task at hand is to educate consumers and create awareness about safer, healthier options.

What keeps you passionate about helping people look and feel beautiful?

Being an advocate, educator and practitioner of health and wellness has been one of the most important passions in my life. That passion is sustained because it’s my life’s purpose to care about other people’s well-being. I know that our genes don’t always determine our destiny and I get to help others realize their dreams for a healthier lifestyle.

How can readers find you?

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter @iobeautymarket