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Sylvia Sampleton invents an interactive math game to help students

Sylvia Sampleton (Photo courtesy of Sylvia Sampleton)

Sylvia Sampleton is the president of Strategic Multiplication Solution Equal Infinity LLC. She’s a teacher of 19 years and the inventor of an interactive math game for school-aged children. She was issued a patent from the director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Nov. of 2013. In the near future, she’ll be adding new products to her collection.

Rolling out spoke with Sampleton about her math games and her experience at the 2019 New York City Toy Fair, which took place Feb. 16-19, 2019.

What motivated you to create a math-related toy line for students? 

What motivated me for my toy line, was I saw the need that students in my school district were struggling with basic multiplication skills.

What tips would you suggest to someone considering manufacturing a toy line?

I would suggest that they make sure they do their research and consult an adviser.

What are the best uses of your products?

The most important usage for my products is to enhance student’s ability to:

– Improve basic multiplication skills, life skills, and;

– Prepare students for college and career readiness, social skills, team building and a positive self-esteem.

How has attending the 2019 New York City Toy Fair helped your business?

Attending the New York 2019 Toy Fair has helped my business by giving me the opportunity and platform to meet companies, presidents, CEOs, owners, etc., from all over the world. These are companies that can help me take my business to the next level with investing, licensing and marketing.

Where would you like to see your business in three years?

In three years I would like to see my business going global.

What motivates you to keep striving to build your company?

What motivates me to keep striving to build my company is that students are struggling all over the world with basic multiplication skills and no one is listening to that need. Looking at statistics in the United States, students are struggling in math, and the culprit is basic multiplication. This skill is bringing down mathematics scores across the board. Each year our scores are declining in math and this is affecting our country. We are not in the running among other countries.

What two business ideas did you take away from the toy fair?

The two business ideas I took away were to always:

– Follow-up with your contacts, and;

– Be available for the opportunity, with honesty and integrity.

For more information on Sampleton’s products, please visit her website at