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Rapper Lee Adrian elevates the art of storytelling in hip-hop

Photo Credit: Jeremy Anderson

Name: Lee Adrian

Industry: Music

City: Houston

Genre: Rap

Favorite Artist: Tupac

Describe who Lee Adrian is in five words. Driven, unapologetic, God-fearing, hungry and patient.

Being an artist from the heart of Houston, who now lives in Atlanta, describe your sound. 
[My sound] is something that I feel all ears can adapt to. It has authenticity, and to me, that is what makes my sound different from a Houston or Atlanta sound.

Which artists from the past or present have influenced your sound?
Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Ja Rule, LL Cool J, Beanie Sigel, Aaliyah, Jay-Z, J. Cole, Meek Mill, KYLE, Lil Wayne, Drake and Kendrick Lamar, have all inspired me. I grew up listening to some of the greatest storytelling songs in hip-hop from Tupac, but in the same breath, I could dance along to all the hits from the King of Pop.

You are what most people call a true lyricist in the rap game. Where does your inspiration come from?
There was a point in time, I felt like I went over people’s heads with certain lyrics I wrote. At the time, my rap skills and delivery were mediocre. I knew I had to change that, and ultimately I knew I needed to deliver better. Solely, my inspiration comes from life experiences. No one can tell my story like I can.

Describe your process of songwriting. What is your routine before going to the studio?  It honestly depends [on] if I’m actually writing the song, or just going off the top of my head. Sometimes I can write a song in 20 minutes, and other times it takes me up to a day. It solely depends on my mood. I have to ask myself if I’m feeling the track, what am I saying by going off the top of my head, if I need more time on it, if I should come back to it, or do I need to eat something to stimulate the brain. It all depends on the vibe.

What do you want people to take from your music?
I want any song they are listening to, to reflect the mood they are in. If you’re sad then soak in the song and be sad, but when the next track comes on, turn up, forget what happened, and move on.

What is next for you?
Every month, I’ll be dropping a new single with a visual. My latest album release was called, Body of Work, which is out on all streaming platforms. Apart from that, I recently dropped a single called, “Silly Love Song.” Soon, I’ll be a part of a huge tour that I can’t mention all the details about yet, but it will be a collaboration of the biggest festivals and audiences. 2019 is the year of manifestation. It’s only the beginning. Keeping God first is always at the forefront.

I want my audience to know I’m here for them, and wouldn’t be here without them.