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Rapper Derty Rackz explains how Old Atlanta trap music influences his sound

Photo credit: Dope Shots By Precious

Name: Derty Rackz

Industry: Music

City: West Atlanta

Genre: Hip-hop

Favorite Artists: Jeezy and Gucci Mane

Describe who Derty Rackz is in five words.
Humble, intelligent, ambitious, money machine and provider.

Does the name Derty Rackz have to do anything with your music or style?
As a kid, I was always called, “Dert.” It was basically a childhood nickname that stuck with me. As I grew older, I added the word “Rackz” to symbolize that money was coming. To me, Derty Rackz means, “got it out the mud.”

How would you describe your sound?
I would describe my sound as laid-back trap music. I believe my sound reflects my personality because I’m a hardworking, laid-back individual. What I rap about is ultimately what I’ve been through. Basically, my day to day life in the industry. I like to keep it completely real. Sometimes it’s hard to open up and tell my story through music because this is really my life.

Name one artist who has inspired you and influenced your music.
I would say old Atlanta trap music has influenced my music and sound. I look up to the artists Jeezy and Gucci Mane mostly, because they made real music that made you want to hustle. The other influence over my music came from most of the artists signed to Cash Money Records. They all have a unique style.

Anyone you’ve worked with who has helped to elevate your career?
Everyone I’ve worked with has helped my career, and I’m grateful. I know a lot of people from where I’m from. This has benefited me so much in the industry because I established relationships with others way before my music career. This has led me to come in contact with artists in the music industry like 21 Savage and others. Networking is key.

Tell us about your newest single, “Every Hour,” what can fans expect? 
“Every Hour” is a song about working hard and getting to the money. I released the song at a perfect time with summer around the corner. I love that people will be able to relate to it. I believe this single will be the one to help me get my name out there in the industry.

What’s coming up for Derty Rackz?
The next step for me is getting to the top. I have a dope team of individuals helping me, and I’m excited to see what’s next for me. You all can expect many more projects this year.

Currently, I’m working on getting my single out to the masses which is doing well. “Every Hour” is available on all streaming platforms.