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Cyrene Lovette is on her way to becoming a millennial millionairess

Cyrene Lovette is on her way to becoming a millennial millionairess
Photo courtesy of Cyrene Lovette

The 2nd Annual Millionairess Conference presented by Dr. Jewel Tankard will be held at Silver Garden Events Center in Southfield, Michigan, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, April 6, 2019.

Tankard, a Detroit native and global economist, is providing women with the tools and resources to make smart and quality investments. With the theme of “Building Wealth Through Innovation,” the one-day power-packed event will focus on building the financial portfolios of ordinary women to help them lead extraordinary lives.

The speaker lineup includes high-level industry experts Dr. Cindy Trim, Junetta and George Barnes, crypto-currency expert Nick Gomez, Dr. Medina Pullings and Tankard’s youngest daughter Cyrene Lovette, who is well on her way to becoming a millionairess by venturing out with several entrepreneurial efforts.

Rolling out spoke with Lovette regarding collaborations with various beauty brands and also about writing an interactive self-help journal for young girls.

You’ve collaborated with several beauty brands. Tell us about that.

I’ve been aligning myself with a lot of beauty brands. I have a new campaign coming up that I’m really excited about that you’ll hear about really soon. I also have a [makeup collaboration] with Crown Brush. They have 35 color palettes, too. They’re super cheap. And, if you use my code Cyrene10, you get 20 percent off.

You’re also an author in the making. Share more about your self-help journal for young girls.

It’s about self-love, being selfish, but not in the negative connotation that is given. In college, and even in high school, it’s a place where a lot of your peers are telling you to do this or do that and they don’t know “this” about themselves. For example, they might think you’re selfish because you don’t pick up your phone or because you don’t necessarily want to spend [time] with them, or whatever it might be. This could [apply to] relationships, friendships, whatever. It’s simply explaining it’s okay to be selfish in these early years because this is really the time when you’re developing. It talks about how success is never really overnight, about faith and work ethic … and the importance of God as well. The focus is kind of like the journey to yourself. I’m really excited about that.

What ages are you targeting with your book?

I’d say high school and college. Middle schoolers can read it if they want to, but it’s really more of a journal. I really want them to read some, then journal some, then read the next section and journal some more. It’s designed to be more interactive, and it allows them to think about what they’re reading and think about the topic.

Lovette is one of the featured panelists at the 2019 Millionairess Conference held on April 6 in Southfield, Michigan. For more information about Lovette, follow her journey at or follow her on her social media pages.

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