Jalen Rose destroys Paul Pierce for saying he’s better than D-Wade (video)

Jalen Rose destroys Paul Pierce for saying he's better than D-Wade (video)
Former NBA star-turned-current sports analyst Jalen Rose. Photo source: Instagram – @jalenvseverybody

NBA Hall of Famer-turned-NBA analyst Paul Pierce incurred the wrath of basketball fans and was ruthlessly mocked by Twitter for having the audacity to say that he had a better career than Dwyane Wade, aka D-Wade.

After being scorched on social media for 24 hours, Pierce, a former Boston Celtics great tried to defend his statement by saying that the pinnacle of his career came before the advent of Twitter, therefore the new millennial fans are not aware of his major contributions to the game.

However, current ESPN co-host Jalen Rose, a former NBA player himself and a member of the legendary Michigan Fab Five, pulled out receipts that directly contradicted Pierce’s claims and gave D-Wade the edge.

Rose slow-roasted Pierce by enumerating the ways D-Wade was superior to Pierce, and doing so on live national TV, to boot. The clip quickly went viral.


D-Wade, who is retiring at the end of the season to spend more time with his wife, Gabrielle Union, and his sons, chimed in with a soft uppercut to Pierce:

D-Wade’s wife, Union, landed the knockout blow with this heat-seeking missile of a tweet that defended her husband:

“This thing is wrong on many obvious levels but what I find most troublesome is this idea of a man trying to diminish another man that looks like him, was raised like him, in order to shine a tad brighter. S— isnt entertaining, it’s sad. ❤ & 💡good people.”

Twitter joined the Wades and peeled Pierce’s backside for making such dubious claims.



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