Cardi B opens up about the harsh realities of motherhood

Cardi B opens up about the harsh realities of motherhood
Cardi B (Image source: Instagram – @iamcardib)

Cardi B says being a mother is the “hardest challenge ever.”

The 26-year-old rapper gave birth to her first child Kulture Kiari — whom she has with her partner Offset — eight months ago and has said that, while she originally thought it would be “easy” to be a mother, she’s finding it a lot harder than expected.

Speaking at Beautycon Festival, she said: “It’s very hard. It’s like the hardest challenge ever. I don’t even like talking about it. I really don’t like talking about it because it’s, like, very hard. For example, I haven’t seen my baby now in two days because I was in Vegas, now I’m here. And it’s just hard because I be like, damn, will she forget about me, like, in two days?

“When I was pregnant, I used to be, like, it’s gonna be easy. I’m just gonna hire a nanny, and my baby’s gonna come with me everywhere. But it’s, like, once you have the baby, it’s hard to get a nanny because you don’t trust nobody with your kid! And then it’s, like, OK, my mom is helping me and sister helps me take care of [Kulture], but, like, my mom does not want to go from city to city, two and three cities in less than 72 hours.”

The “I Like It” rapper is finding parenting even more difficult lately as she and Offset are both on hectic schedules, making it hard for them to both be there for their tot.

She added: “On top of that, me and her dad, we’re always in different places. Like I used to think, oh, we gonna be in this house in Atlanta, big this, big that, but we haven’t even been in our house for, like, two months! And we chasing the bag. And we be sad as hell, but we be, like, you know what? She will be all good because she’s gonna have a Lambo when she is like 18.”

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