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Singer Aveon claims affair with Wendy Williams’ husband Kevin Hunter (video)

Singer Aveon and wife on the “unWineWithTashaK” show. Images: YouTube/unWineWithTashaK

Singer Aveon Falstar has gone public with an explosive secret, saying he carried on a sexual affair with Wendy Williams’ husband Kevin Hunter in 2018.

Speaking to rising blogger and YouTube star Tasha K. on her show “unWineWithTashaK,” Falstar explained how his singing talents brought him to the attention of producers for the “Wendy Williams Show.” After he wowed the mostly female crowd during a pre-show taping, it eventually resulted in being signed by Kevin Hunter.

Tasha K, incidentally, was the one who broke the story that Kevin Hunter’s alleged mistress Sharina Hudson was giving birth to their love child in a Philadelphia hospital in March. Tasha K reportedly tricked a hospital staff member into believing Tasha was a family member to obtain that privileged information on Hudson. Tasha K’s discovery and the subsequent report went viral and was picked up by many national media outlets.

Singer Aveon and wife on the “unWineWithTashaK” show. Images: YouTube/unWineWithTashaK

Aveon said Hunter aggressively pursued a sexual relationship and treated him like a “boy toy.” Hunter has yet to respond publicly to deny or confirm Aveon Falstar’s allegations.

Falstar also talked in detail regarding Kevin Hunter and his alleged side chick, Hudson. Saying he saw the two of them together quite frequently, Falster also claims that Sharina Nicola Hudson convinced Hunter to sign Falstar. But Falstar also claims Hudson does not love Hunter, but that she is enthralled by the power Hunter wields within the production company that he runs with his wife, Wendy.

Wendy, as she is most often called, filed for divorce from Kevin Hunter on April 10, 2019, after almost 22 years of marriage. The couple has one child together: Kevin Hunter Jr., 19. Wendy’s husband, according to Love B. Scott, was reportedly served papers while working in the studio, as he is one of the show’s executive producers, on April 11, 2019. When Hunter learned what the gift-wrapped package was, he allegedly went on a screaming rampage.

Wendy’s divorce from Hunter may involve complications, as the couple share multimillion-dollar business dealings together. Wendy is worth a reported $60M, according to MoneyInc. and

These allegations and opinions were made solely by Falstar and his wife on the “unWineWithTashaK” radio podcast show.

Flip the page to listen to the interview in its entirety. (WARNING: It is extremely graphic and NSFW)

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