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How Wendy Williams got the ultimate revenge on her husband

Kevin Hunter and alleged mistress Sharina Hudson. (Photo source: Instagram – @sharinahudson)

For years while being married to Wendy Williams, Kevin Hunter reportedly got used to showering his mistress Sharina Hudson with gaudy gifts from the money that he made from “The Wendy Williams Show.”

Well, according to an insider’s knowledge, Williams, 54, got the ultimate and sweet revenge when she shocked her husband by having a gift-wrapped box with big bows delivered to him on the set. When he got ahold of the package, Hunter was stunned to find out he was being served divorce papers.

According to Love B. Scott, the unidentified insider said, “When Kevin excitedly opened the box, thinking it was a gift of some sort, the process server uttered those famous words, ‘you have been served.’ ”

Things get much worse for Hunter, the report states. Hunter, the longtime co-producer of the show along with his wife, has had his set access privileges snatched away without notice.

“Kevin is now persona non grata at ‘The Wendy Williams Show.’ The passcodes have been changed and his access to the building has been revoked. Wendy has instructed staff to not let him anywhere near her,” Love B. Scott reports.

That’s when Hunter vent volcanic. When he reportedly was denied access to the building, he allegedly “went off, cursing and screaming.”

Hunter, 47, has been accused of carrying on a decade-long affair with Sharina Hudson, 33, a massage therapist. He reportedly bought her a $215K for gold Ferrari Portofino. She was also seen carrying a purse worth $5K that the Daily Mail posted on its website. Hudson also posted a photo of herself and Hunter vacationing in Miami about the same time Wendy was living in a sober house after her drug and alcohol relapse.

Moreover, Hunter allegedly put Hudson up in a plush home just minutes away from the house he shares with this wife, Wendy.

But the final straw came when Wendy, as she is universally called, hired a private investigator in November and found out about Hunter’s mistress and, worse, that she was very pregnant. It became more than Wendy could take. Pop culture pundits speculated that Wendy spiralled into drug and alcohol binges because of it.

People magazine said an insider revealed that “she’s really distraught over the situation. (Wendy) knew about Sharina but didn’t think a baby would arrive, she didn’t think Kevin would go this far, she’s lost and everyone is worried for her.”