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Katt Williams being sentenced for punching fan in the face

Katt Williams latest mugshot March 30, 2016 (Photo Credit: Hall County [Georgia] Detention Center)

Comedian Katt Williams is beginning to feel the repercussions for the multitude of arrests and run-ins with the legal system he’s had the past several years.

This past week, a metro Atlanta judge sentenced comedic actor Katt Williams for allegedly punching a fan in the face during an after-hours party three years ago.

The judge hit the brilliant but troubled jokester and star of Friday After Next, Norbit and First Sunday with a $25K judgment after he failed to appear to contest the lawsuit filed by one of his fans, who claimed the comedian assaulted him without provocation or warning.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, a Georgia judge has granted a default judgment for alleged victim Tyrell Williams, who is not related to the 47-year-old comic genius.

Back in 2016, Tyrell Williams told the court that after the completion of one of Katt Williams’ shows, the celeb comic attended an after-hours party. When Tyrell Williams saw Katt Williams, he began to Snapchat a picture of the comedian.

Katt Williams allegedly “suddenly and without warning” slapped the fan’s iPhone out of his hand. Tyrell Williams said Katt Williams then, without warning, punched him in the face three times successively and rapidly. The alleged victim said Katt Williams exited the establishment immediately thereafter.

Williams claims the punches caused injuries and mental pain and warranted damages. Since Katt Williams chose not to or could not appear, the judge sided with the fan.

Tyrell Williams, The Blast continues, has initiated the paperwork necessary to begin seizing Katt Williams’ assets to collect on the $25K judgement.