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Food and Nutrition » CEO Tremaine Afetorgbor is making it easy to be healthy with DR Flava Spices

CEO Tremaine Afetorgbor is making it easy to be healthy with DR Flava Spices

Dr. Tremaine Jones (Photo courtesy of Kim Honara / Kimazing Photography)

Dr. Tremaine Jones-Afetorgbor Pharm.D is an author and CEO of DR Flava Spices. After seeing how detrimental unhealthy food choices can be, she decided to design a healthier all-natural spice line. With every unique flavor, she helps consumers blend their need for a healthy lifestyle and their desire for flavorful food into one delicious meal.

Rolling out recently sat down with Afetorgbor to find out how she manages to pack all that flavor in while leaving the unhealthy ingredients out.

What was the inspiration behind DR Flava Spices?

I wanted to create a solution that could help people to prepare delicious healthy food. [While] working as a pharmacist of over 14 years, I realized that several diseases begin at the table. Creating a healthy spice line that was natural, lower in sodium [and] sugar and gluten-free [that didn’t contain] MSG was important [because] many store-bought spices do not provide that. Helping people to achieve health is a passion of mine and DR Flava
Spices will help [people] achieve a yummy clean eating experience.

Photo courtesy of DR Flava Spices

What inspires you to show up for work every day?

My mission in life is to encourage, teach and help transform lives. As a pharmacist and CEO of a healthy seasoning line, I can do [that]. Educating patients and clients on healthier lifestyle modifications, food swaps, and tips brings me so much fulfillment. I know God has given me the opportunity to help his people. I am currently working on a book, Healthy Life Before The Pills, which will give insight on ways we can prevent many common diagnoses.

What industries connect to your brand?

Food (grocery, restaurants), fitness and health care industries could all resonate with DR Flava Spices. [Our] mantra is proactive vs. reactive as it relates to our health and choices. The food we eat plays a major role in our overall health. DR Flava Spices encourages clean eating because it provides amazing flavor profiles that are unique, such as Garlic Ginger Lime, Lime Herb, Spicy Cajun Twist, NOLA Twist, a smokey flair all-purpose blend, Creole Delight, and Island Twist.

Learn more about DR Flava Spices on her website: