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Meet R&B singer Romeyo Wilson, a self-taught artist who gives back

R&B Singer Romeyo Wilson performing live (Photo credit: Jacob Ettinger)

R&B singer Romeyo Wilson, born Donnelle Christopher Wilson in Toronto, has been in the music industry for over five years. He is a self-taught singer, songwriter and engineer.

Rolling out recently sat down with Wilson to find out more about the artist and what inspires him.

You are not a typical artist, how would define your brand and your sound?

I love to experiment when making music and I love real R&B music. That’s where my sound comes from. My brand is bigger than just me as an artist. I’m trying to plant a seed within my city, to [help people] express themselves the way [that] best fits them. I’ll never step in the studio to make music that doesn’t resonate with me. I make the music I love and when it’s real, the whole world may not feel it, but [some] will.

How do you find inspiration, or does it find you?

I find inspiration in my everyday life. I will always put myself in positions to progress. That alone keeps me motivated and hungry to produce more amazing music. Also, the love from my fans and support from my hometown keeps me inspired to be greater.

What was the inspiration behind your latest project?

The inspiration behind my last project Privacy Xoxoxo was from a series of events that I was going through. The title Privacy Xoxoxo comes from me [wanting] my personal life [to be] private. I love my privacy, especially my sex life. So, with this project, I wanted to express that … say less and do more.

How much does music inspire you?

Music is the reason for most, if not all, of my successful moments in life. Being a part of this music journey taught me [so much] as a person and also made me a smarter individual as well. I recently was able to bring the city together to help feed the homeless. Music helped me get fans, friends, and family together to raise over $1000 in three weeks. [That bought] 300 sandwiches, socks, juice boxes, water, scarves and winter jackets for the less fortunate. Every moment I’m blessed to be able to continue making music, I make sure to do my best to influence people to follow their dreams and come together to help others in need.

What’s next?

I’m about to [headline] my first concert in Montreal, Quebec at the Theatre Plaza on July 6. I’ll [also] be working on my first full R&B project. [Then] I’ll be releasing my newest single titled “Flowers” on May 3.