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7 more apps to help jump-start your investing and budgeting

Photo credit: / Evka119

Recently, one big topic on millennials’ minds is financial literacy. A lot of people in Generation Y feel that they are not well-versed in finances and other money-related matters. If you are one of them, these seven apps will help you get your money right.


Having been out for a few years now, Acorns is one of the most popular investing apps. It offers savings services like Acorns Core, a rounding-up feature that invests cents from each purchase and Acorns Later, a retirement account. Acorns now also has a debit card program called Acorns Spend and also a cashback service called Acorns Found Money.


For one low yearly fee, Betterment will put together a portfolio and monthly investing plan based on your goals. With features like smart rebalancing, auto-depositing, reinvesting dividends and tax loss harvesting, Betterment helps you save and invest money in a way that is best for you.


Stockpile can best be described as beginner stock-buying app. Instead of buying whole shares of a stock, you can invest any amount of money you want. As you use the app, it also teaches you about investing and stocks. You can give stocks as gifts and use the app to teach kids and teens about investing.


This is an envelope budgeting service that enables you to plan and track your household or personal budget, assign and manage your budget, and receive feedback on your spending. Mvelopes can be used either on your computer or phone, which makes budgeting even easier and more convenient. And with three price points, it’s affordable.


With this application, you can not only monitor your bank accounts but also your cash expenses, cryptocurrencies and E-wallets as well. Using Spendee, you will be able to see your spending habits and how they affect all of your wealth across the board. Spendee is perfect for those with diverse financial portfolios.


This is a stock trading app. Through this app, you will be able to trade stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrencies without commission. Robinhood will be rolling out a cash management feature soon and also have something called “Snacks,” which are daily tidbits about finances and other money-related topics.


Wealthbase puts a twist on stock trading by enabling you to play virtual stock market trading games to learn, compete and share investing ideas. This approach makes trading stocks a lot less intimidating and allows beginners to learn how it works.