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Event Photos » Good things happened at ‘Women in Construction, Engineering’ conference

Good things happened at ‘Women in Construction, Engineering’ conference

Imagine a place where you could exchange thoughts and ideas with leaders across the globe, from startups to pioneers. Now add food, drinks, music, laughter with a few hundred phenomenal women. This place is real. It’s the Women in Construction, Engineering, and Related Services (WICERS) conference, which takes place in the heart of Atlanta every year.

The WICERS conference creators have cracked the code in creating a singular platform that yields the perfect balance in meeting women’s professional and personal needs. The day one opening session began with an interactive presentation hosted by Jan Hargrave, a body language expert. For instance, the expert did a live demo displaying how to read the nonverbal of both a customer and a comrade. Transitioning between the group sessions were expert panel workshops. The workshop topics ranged from managing digital footprints, navigating careers, tackling global opportunities, and building smart cities. “Disruptor Sessions” closed out each day. These sessions provided an in-depth look into the career and lives of women being disruptors in their industries. These women were innovators, thought leaders and creators who were willing to share their wins, failures and insights.

Day one closed out with a party. It was a good time with great women dancing, talking laughing and networking.

Day two opened with a speech from Jewel Solomon, co-founder, and CEO of Partpic, which was acquired by Amazon in late 2016. The startup was designed to streamline the purchase of replacement parts using computer vision technology. Solomon discussed the importance of mental health as an entrepreneur and how her experience truly allowed a change in her family and community.

Day two closed with an award and recognition luncheon. The luncheon honored Xernona Clayton, founder, president, and CEO of the Trumpet Awards Foundation Inc.; and Howlie Davis, government relations, vice president, Jacobs. Closing out the conference with class and inspiration was Atlanta’s 60th mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms. Her closing statement, “Great things happen at WICERS,” was a perfect ending to the life-altering conference that was all about learning, connecting, building and growth.

Major kudos to the conference’s corporate supporters like Jacobs, Marta, JE Dunn Construction, and BB&T Bank. The founders of WICERS, Jan Prisby Bryson, Daphane Bryson Jackson, and Heather Fatzinger also deserve recognition for creating this dynamic and uplifting conference.

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Photo gallery credit: Sadie Domineck