The 2019 BMW 330i delivers luxury, performance and high-end technology

The 2019 BMW 330i delivers luxury, performance and high-end technology

The 2019 BMW 330e is a real pleasure to drive, as BMW again lives up to its motto, “the ultimate driving machine.” I enjoyed this car from the moment I got in it. The power driver seat had a variety of ways to make adjustments to get it just right for you. I found it comfortable while being supportive of my posture. What adds to the comfort is that you can preset the system so when it’s cold outside, the seats automatically heat up as soon as you turn on the car. Perfect during the cold weather wherever you are.

Of course, the sound system is what you’d expect in a premium vehicle. The bass, as well as the highs, were extremely clean. The BMW voice command system works with the navigation, audio and other apps in the suite of apps that come standard. The system is very intuitive and works just like what you’re already used to when giving commands to your phone assistant. In addition to the suite of apps that come built into the system, you can actually install more.

Every time I wanted to get around somebody or found myself on the expressway and needing to get to a spot, regardless of the speed I was already going, just a tap on the gas took me there quickly, safely, comfortably and quietly. The 330 has the versatility, nimble handling and tight turning radius that you would expect from a 3 series BMW, but this body style and ride didn’t make me feel like I was in a “compact” at all.

I couldn’t write this review without including the BMW backup assistant. I have a winding driveway, but it’s not a turnaround driveway. So with the backup assistant, I’d drive into my driveway and just park without all the back and forth to turn the car around in a small space.  When it was time to leave, I’d just press the backup assistant and it flawlessly backed me all the way out of my curved driveway. It’s slightly unsettling your first time, but it’s completely hands-free, though I always kept my hands close to the wheel and my foot near the brake. I, however, didn’t need either until I reached the street. It’ll back you up from whatever you got yourself into. What a great feature!

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