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Wendy Williams reclaiming her life with ‘rediscovery of men’

Photo credit: / Lev Radin

Daytime talks show host Wendy Williams was initially caught off guard and came off very defensively when the tabloid-spewing queen became the subject of endless tabloid stories and cruel jokes.

These days, the 54-year-old host of her self-titled show has flipped the script on her pain. She is frequently taking the initiative in delivering tidbits about her fascinating and scandal-ridden personal life.

On Tuesday’s episode of the “Wendy Williams Show,” the estranged wife of Kevin Hunter spoke at length about her ongoing divorce proceedings — and the fact that she has turned into a serial dater who is excitedly “rediscovering” her love of men.

“I’m reclaiming my life,” Williams declared on the show. “I don’t have a boyfriend, but I’m rediscovering my love of men. I do date and I date pretty often,” she said, according to Page Six and People.

Wendy and her team quickly discerned that her personal life is going to be dissected with as much frequency and intensity as she does with other celebrities on her po pular”Hot Topics” segment of her show.

“I’m working on my divorce pleasantly right now. When I say ‘pleasantly,’ I mean — I ask of you — it’s hard to say ‘give privacy,’ because I don’t give privacy when I’m doing the rest of the stories. So, you do what you want. You always do.”

Wendy says she is “reclaiming her life” with her new bachelorette pad and a steady parade of available men.

“I go out a lot ’cause I am a good time girl. I like to have fun. I’m, right now, a young and pretty New York City girl. I have the ultimate bachelorette pad — high, over the top everything. I have a really, really good view, and I’m really, really reclaiming my life.

Hunter, as has been widely speculated by the media, tabloids and blogs alike, reportedly fathered a baby girl with his mistress of over a decade, 33-year-old massage therapist Sharina Hudson. Hunter has never claimed paternity of the infant, but most believe this was the reason for Wendy’s colossal and almost career-killing relapse and subsequent residence in a sober house.

Not long after the reported birth of Hunter’s alleged love child, Wendy filed for divorce in April. Meanwhile, Hunter is seeking spousal support and a huge buyout from his many years as co-owner of her production company and co-executive producer of her talk show.