Alabama to outlaw abortion, even if it’s the result of sexual crimes

Alabama to outlaw abortion, even if it's the result of sexual crimes
Alabama Governor Kay Ivy. Photo: Twitter – @governorkayivey

Even the right-wing Alabama legislature managed to shock America with its extremist conservatism, overwhelmingly voting to criminalize abortion and to assess Draconian penalties for those who are caught ending pregnancies in the state under almost every circumstance.

The overwhelmingly Republican Senate passed House Bill 314 with a 25-6 vote, which would hammer doctors with a 99-year prison sentence for performing an abortion. Democrats tried to counter the more extreme measures of the bill by attaching an amendment that would allow victims of rape and incest to get abortions. That all but failed with a 21-11 vote, according to the Montgomery (Alabama) Advertiser. 

The female Alabama governor, Republican Gov. Kay Ivey, is expected to sign the bill into law, according to Good Morning America.

This comes just a month after Alabama’s neighboring state, Georgia, made it a crime to perform abortions in the state after the first detection of a heartbeat, which comes at about the six-week mark of a pregnancy. Ohio, another red state, has also passed a similar measure.

Therefore, this bill, as one political enthusiast noted, would call for the courts to dole out much more severe penalties for a rape or incest victim to have an abortion, than the perverted pedophile or violent rapist who impregnates the female victims:

A social media influencer put together a composite of the state representatives who voted for this extremely inflammatory bill. Their demographics will not shock most political and pop culture observers:

Some political observers were incredulous that the state and its female governor would pass such a wide-sweeping bill:

Alabama’s measure brought swift public rebuke from the nation’s most powerful legislators:

Some of the nation’s most powerful influencers also voiced their opinions:

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