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Singer Tyler Royale’s new EP seeks to unearth the ‘goddess’ in you

(Photo courtesy of Tyler Royale)

Atlanta singer Tyler Royale recently dropped her new EP, Goddess — nine-tracks featuring a collection of inspiring music with a positive twist. The 21-year-old previously released two singles from the EP — the title track “Goddess” and “Not Your Boyfriend.”

Royale spoke with rolling out about the meaning behind her EP and what people can expect from her music.

What made you decide to become a singer and pursue music as a career?
I started doing music when I was 12. I used to hang around this studio called 12 Music Group and I was in a girl group. When I got out of high school, I started to think about what I really wanted to do with my life. I went to college, and I did not enjoy it at all. After the first semester, I dropped out. I was like, “You dropped out. Now you really got to do [this].”

Explain the inspiration behind your latest EP, Goddess.
I didn’t think about a title when I was making the music. I was just going based off my life and my experience. And then “Goddess” came about, and I was like, “This is dope to be a title.”

Every message in each song has something to do with finding yourself, knowing your self-worth and your values, but it’s saying it in a fun way. I think the EP is very fun, but the message is [to] be a better you.

How did you put the EP together?
It didn’t take long for me to put this music together, probably six months just going through the motions making music. I didn’t have a lot of music out previously, so I wanted it to be an introduction.

A lot of stuff transpired, just me going through life and finding who I am as a person and an artist. I took my time, like a lot of time. [Since] I dropped it, I’ve been getting good responses, so I’m happy about that.

The first song on the EP is also the title track, “Goddess.” How did that song come about?
That came about from an experience I had when I dated this guy. I felt on top, like a goddess, confident. I just thought that would be cute.

“Goddess” is a message saying: “know your self-worth [and] your values.” It’s for girls or males — whoever needs that message. It’s saying be confident in yourself, know your worth, don’t let anyone tear you down.