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August Alsina makes joke about Will Smith beating him up

Will Smith (Photo Credit: Bang Media)

August Alsina joked Will Smith “whooped” him in a recent Instagram post.

The 26-year-old singer has offered a tongue in cheek response to claims he has been having an affair with the Aladdin actor’s wife, and he laughed off the speculation as he teased his followers with a puffy-faced selfie on Instagram.

Sharing a snap of his swollen face, Alsina quipped: “Will finally caught up to me about all that Jada crap that was going on in the news. Let’s just say, he whooped my axs!! Guess that ALI training really paid off. (sic)”

The rumors have come from fans reading into Alsina’s single “Nunya” — which references a woman called Koren, which is also Jada’s middle name — and their friendship.

However, the star gave his selfie another caption to confirm there’s no beef between he and Smith.

Explaining the real reason for his puffed-up face, he wrote: “A glimpse of my mood and everyday life during allergy season. Everything on me is so swollen. I’m really trying to do music shit for y’all but my allergies are trying to take me OUT.”

After more than two decades of marriage, Smith, 50, and Pinkett — Smith, 47, are secure in their relationship, and he previously claimed the pair would never get a divorce as they don’t have any “deal breakers.”