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Drake blasted by Milwaukee Bucks and Twitter for sideline antics (video)

Drake (Photo Credit: Bang Media)

The Milwaukee Bucks are all in their feelings after getting blown out by the Toronto Raptors in Game 4 of the NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals — and had to stomach Drake’s annoying and pretentious sideline antics, to boot.

It was impossible for fans to miss rap superstar Drake whipping it up, yelling, laughing, gesticulating wildly and running up and down the sidelines while rooting for his Raptors, who spanked the Bucks 120-102 to even up the series at two games apiece. He even took time to rub the shoulders of Raptors head coach at one point, which most pundits at ESPN and Fox Sports believe crossed the line.

The next day, Bucks head coach Budenholzer tore into Drake, the Raptor’s unofficial ambassador,  and he ripped the opposing team for giving Drizzy unprecedented team access.

“I see it in some timeouts, but I don’t know of any person that’s attending the game that isn’t a participant in the game a coach — I’m sorry, a player or a coach that has access to the court,” Budenholzer barked during the press conference, according to

“There’s certainly no place for fans and, you know, whatever it is exactly that Drake is for the Toronto Raptors,” the coach continued. “You know, to be on the court, there’s boundaries and lines for a reason, and like I said, the league is usually pretty good at being on top of stuff like that.”

The PR person for Bucks superstar forward Giannis Antetokounmpo also blasted the “In My Feelings” rapper in a statement obtained by ESPN.

“Imagine a gig and an athlete [in] VIP seats, right next to the band, stands up on the stage just to show off during the entire game, knowing cameras are on him, occasionally even massaging the singer,” wrote Georgios Dimitropoulos. “Security and he both allow it. Never seen anything as disrespectful as this before.”

Even TNT noticed Drake, born Aubrey Graham, 32, going at it nonstop throughout the game:

Twitter took to peeling Drake the next day as well: