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Why R. Kelly wants Michael Jackson’s lawyer


R. Kelly (Photo credit: Splash News)

With another set of probable indictments hovering menacingly over R. Kelly’s head, the singer has made it clear that he wants the services of the criminal attorney who successfully defended the late, legendary Michael Jackson.

As rolling out reported previously, the U.S. Department of Justice is expected to obtain federal indictments against the 52-year-old “Bump N’ Grind” singer within the next couple of weeks on charges of sex trafficking and tax evasion. Robert Sylvester Kelly has already been indicted on the state level in Illinois where he is facing 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse.

Looking up at his towering legal problems, it is perhaps understandable that he’d covet one of the top criminal defense lawyers in the country, Thomas Mesereau, to join his legal team. Kelly believes, according to The Blast, that since Mesereau successfully defended the King of Pop, he may be able to help Kelly navigate the treacherous waters he is wading in.

The Blast was told that Mesereau is working on another case in Houston, but he did pause to connect with Kelly on FaceTime about his case. No details of the conversation have been divulged, including whether Mesereau is willing to hop from Houston and join Kelly in Chicago.