50 Cent takes aim at Tony Robbins for using the N-word

50 Cent takes aim at Tony Robbins for using the N-word
50 Cent (Image source: Instagram – @50cent)

50 Cent took aim at motivational speaker Tony Robbins after an old clip surfaced of him using racist language. The clip was recently published by Buzzfeed. 

In the video, Robbins appears to share with a majority White audience on how he taught a majority Black audience how to overcome racial differences.

“As long as someone calls you a n—-r and gets that kind of response I’ve seen right now, where you’re ready to explode, and what you’ve done is given that person absolute control of you,” he told the Black audience. “You have no control in your life. You are still a slave.”

Robbins said he then told the Black audience, “Just do what I do just for a minute if you really want to be free and if you want to have some fun,” Robbins said. He proceeded to perform a dance in front of the crowd while singing, “I’m a n—-r, you’re a n—-r, be a n—-r too.”

Robbins, who has made millions as a motivational speaker, claims that he used it as a way to spread racial harmony.

“Robbins’ presentation was positive and was accepted in the context in which it was conducted: a passionate discussion about racism and how to rise above it.” his lawyers said in a statement. “Any suggestion that Mr. Robbins is somehow racist or insensitive to the African-American community is absurd and false. Indeed, one of Mr. Robbins’ event partners for 25-plus years is an African-American.”

50 Cent did not buy it and blasted Robbins for his actions.

“@tonyrobbins what the f— kinda point were you trying to prove. 😠I know @oprah is not cool with this s—. #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac.”

View the explicit video after the jump.

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